Air quality affects 100% of the population. Adults spend one third of their lives at work.

The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign is a joint project undertaken by ERS and the European Lung Foundation (ELF). It is one of the largest lung health campaigns to date. Together, ERS and ELF have been driving the campaign since 2014, in order to raise awareness of the importance of healthy lungs and taking steps towards preventing lung damage. The campaign targets everyone from clinicians, scientists, policy makers and the public through a wide range of related activities.

The theme for 2016
The theme for the campaign in 2016 is ‘Breathe Clean Air’. This puts the spotlight on air pollution and raising awareness of how we all have a part to play in reducing air pollution and protecting ourselves and others from the associated risks. We are targeting healthcare professionals specifically to raise awareness of the importance of their role in communicating with patients on this topic. This includes: discussing the health implications of air pollution (in its many forms) with their patients; ensuring that occupational history of patients is obtained and considered at the time of assessment; and ensuring that patients have a clear understanding of issues such as passive smoking in the home.